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Our company has been successfully operating in the aviation industry for more than 25 years. Over the years, many aviation projects have been implemented from drawing to the first flight. We specialize in the development and production of aircraft prototypes, as well as in the serial production of aircraft and helicopters.

The company's priority is Your safety. All projects are carried out in accordance with the world rules of the aviation industry, as well as the most complex wishes of the client

The driving force of the company is our passion for flying, it is passion,not greed, that has become our key to success…


IGOR SIKORSKY is a legend of the world aviation industry, grandfather of helicopter industry. Still, all the world's presidents choose the Sikorsky helicopters as personal transportation.
Sikorsky's helicopter made history, thanks to pilot Tony Thompson, who in 1949 performed the world's first helicopter loop on Sikorsky's machine. He made 25 loops in a row, thus showing the high reliability and strength of the machine.
Our helicopter killer Whale 505 created on the basis of military transport helicopter USA Sikorsky 52. All rights and drawings for this helicopter were purchased from Sikorsky in 1987. At the moment, the helicopter has undergone a major modernization in accordance with international standards of the aviation industry.

We use time-tested and war-tested components and assemblies: blades, gearbox, rotor head, control system, shafts.

THREE-BLADED MAIN ROTOR Helicopters with a two-bladed main rotor scheme have safety gaps in certain flight modes and in severe turbulence, which can lead to disaster. They are less stable and complex on autorotation. The threebladed scheme does not have these problems and even more so has a number of other serious advantages.
The units of the helicopter have a great potential of strength and resource, it has been certified by the US air force according to FAA standards. There is no need to spend a lot of money on the design and testing of complex machine units (blades, gearbox, head rotor), all these units are tested not only in the conditions of the standard certification program, but also in military conditions by real combat pilots
Simplicity is the key to reliability! The design of the helicopter makes it one of the most reliable in its class, and will save on its maintenance and training of personnel, the helicopter can serve even the pilot himself. A clear advantage is its unpretentiousness and adaptability to various conditions.

Modification KW505 KW505 TRB
Engine Titan IO-540 (FE) Allison C20B
Horsepower 300 HP 320 HP
Maksimum Gross Weight 1335 kg 1335 kg
Approximate Empty Weight 812 kg 695 kg
Standart Fuel 150 Liters 300 Liters
Pilot, Passengers and Baggage (with full fuel) 410 kg 415 kg
Cruise Speed 175 km/h 195 km/h
Maksimum Range 510 km 620 km
Maksimum Operating Altitude 4500 m 4500 m
PERSPECTIVE KW505 PROJECT Having established serial production of the kw505 helicopter, you get an excellent political tool of influence. You are guaranteed to raise the prestige of the country and its technological level. Your country will get a good engineering school, as well as begin training specialists of high aviation level.
Experts guarantee an irreversible increase in the need for helicopters in the world within 10 years. Existing companies in the world (helicopter manufacturers) will not be able to cope with such a load. During this period, it is possible to establish the production of 150-250 KW505 machines per year.

The S-52 helicopter was designed with the benefit of the knowledge acquired by 50,000 Sikorsky helicopter hours which was 80% of the world’s helicopter hours at the time
It so happened that initially this helicopter was created for the US Army Air Force and served as an ambulance helicopter for the removal of wounded soldiers from the battlefield. The helicopter made more than twenty-two thousand combat flights. It showed its vitality and unpretentiousness in service, it was literally served by the pilots themselves on the battlefield.

A distinctive feature was that in military schools, this helicopter was used to practice landing on autorotation, so he did it well and simply that he set a world record for the number of landings – 44.000 landings on autorotation.

This helicopter has a huge margin of safety units and great potential for modernization. Our company has carried out a deep modernization of the helicopter, and now its military version will meet all the standards of the modern world. We are ready to perform any additional modifications for you.

The most serious fact confirming the reliability of Sikorsky helicopters!
Presidents of the two leading powers of the world (USA, UK) from 1950 to today use only Sikorsky helicopters. Our helicopter can be serial produced in your country in various modifications. The potential of modernization of the machine is very large.
It can patrol the area or the state border, transport patients, as well as cargo weighing up to 300 kg on an external cable. This helicopter has a very low cost of maintenance, which will have a positive impact on its special application in a particular industry.


April 27, 1949.  The S-52-1 established a new helicopter World’s Speed Record of 129.6 mph with the fastest lap speed of 139.25 mph in Cleveland, Ohio.  The helicopter was flown by Sikorsky Test Pilot Harold “Tommy” Thompson.

May 9, 1949.  The first helicopter to perform a 360 degree loop.  10 loops were completed in 45 minutes by Sikorsky Test Pilot Tommy Thompson. The first 6 loops were completed solo and then he landed and picked up Ralph Alex, the S-52 project engineer, as a passenger and performed 4 more loops.  USAF pilots at Wright Field also performed loops during their evaluation of the S-52.

August 1951.  The first flight of the S-52-3 (HO5S-1), the military version of the S-52-2 January 31, 1952.  CAA type certificate for the S-52-3, 4-place, helicopter with a 245 hp Franklin 6V6-245-B16F (Military O-425-1).

July 1953. First flight of U.S. Army YH-18A converted to the YH-18B configuration by replacing the 245 hp Franklin engine with a 400 shp Artouste XT51-T-3 turbine engine.  The YH-18B was later modified to the XH-39 (S-59) configuration with retractable landing gear and other modifications.

August 1951.  The first flight of the S-52-3 (HO5S-1), the military version of the S-52-2 January 31, 1952.  CAA type certificate for the S-52-3, 4-place, helicopter with a 245 hp Franklin 6V6-245-B16F (Military O-425-1).

The cost of one helicopter for the company in serial production will be 197.000$. The AGAN AIRCRAFT INDUSTRY has fully mastered the process of production, Assembly and test flights on the KWH-505 helicopter. Our products meet all international quality standards. We offer our partners to buy not just a helicopter, but technologies for its production, thereby raising the prestige of their country and reaching a new level. The project includes:
  • Two ready to fly helicopters for certification tests
  • Two fuselage for static tests
  • Documentation with ownership rights
  • Equipment for helicopter Assembly
  • Detailed instructions
  • Training of personnel in helicopter Assembly, training of pilots and technicians
  • 10 years of free technical support. Help in assembling the first 3 production helicopters and test flight
  • Help with certification in your country
If you want our company to make helicopters for you, we accept orders for at least 5 helicopters. Retail value $ 395,000.

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